Smoke and Beautiful Skin

Smoking will age you much faster than anything. Study has not shown the difference in skin texture if a person is using the electronic cigarettes. I’ve seen a smoker in her 50s and my gosh her skin is more wrinkles than her mom. Do not smoke if you want to have beautiful skin. Those two are never gone hand in hand.

There is nothing glamorous about seeing a woman who smokes. In all honesty, I think it is grossed looking. Your breath can’t never be fresh. Well, some women do know how to rinse her mouth with some heavy-duty cologne or mouthwash, and unless you come really close it would not bother you too much.

Smokers have wrinkles from the neck up … if you look closely their arms, their legs and other parts of their bodies look normal but only the face, and the neck are so many wrinkles. However, you know I also saw that the husband some how is putting up with that. Men are really great. Real men and not boys. They do stick by their women until she traded him up for something better. Well then he will leave and do not look back. I do know such men. I am one of those awesome guys who stick by our women through better or worse.

However, let’s, me tell you my honest opinion- I dislike a woman who is a smoker. I feel that she would not give a damn about me as she would not give a damn about her own health or her look. Those women I feel are selfish and eventually may just leave me for something better.

Well, it’s only my opinion ladies –