Safety On A Building Work Site

It is the responsibility of the team leader on any building site to make sure that the site and all the workers are safe. The obvious impact of this to the casual observer is the erection of barrier fencing around the perimeter of the worksite, and the erection of scaffolding around the perimeter of the new building.

Less obvious is the safety steps that are taken all the time by the team leader. These will include a team meeting at the start of each working day at which there will be an honest discussion about all potential safety hazards, and how the workers should deal with these hazards. This is a complete change from the previous culture where workers were encouraged to just get on and do it, and to not appear to be weak or fearful on the job.

Old style builders Dunedin who are now retired are often highly critical of the nanny state and it’s impact on building sites, but these builders are now often nursing lifelong injuries from falls, and many of them are missing digits or even limbs from serious accidents during their career. It is quite common amongst a social group of retired builders for there to be at least one or two of the Party with missing digits or limbs, or with injuries that cause them to limp badly.

The safety practices on a modern building site are wrapped around keeping unsafe individuals off the site, and making sure those on the site are safe from the obvious accidents like falls  or collisions with unsafe materials and structures. The barrier fencing and scaffolding is the most obvious example of safety practices, but the modern equipment used on site is also very heavily focused on worker safety. The best example is the modern drop saw, which makes it very difficult for the worker to injure themselves plus makes it very easy to produce very accurate work.

The modern nail gun can also be very unsafe if used incorrectly, and the builder needs to be very clear in their instructions to the workers on the safety steps that are needed. Everybody on the site needs to understand that a nail gun is fully capable of firing a nail right through the timber and hitting any object on the other side, and hence all workers need to know the steps to take to make sure they are safe while a nail  gun is being used. The Builder using the nail gun also needs to make certain they are using the right nail and the right strength of charge for  driving in the nail.

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