Everyone of us needs some romantic things in our lives. ?The world at large and especially in the United States life is consisted of work and no play. ?This morning I read up on about these tiny trailer and this man who sold this so functioning trailer for $36,500 on Craigslist.

I have day dreaming about living in such a cozy place. ?We can’t help but feeling romantic in such a place don’t you think? ?Just imagine to drive across the United States in such a tiny home and work as you go. ?I have inside of me the forever lust for travelling alone. ?I need time for myself mostly. ?There is nothing better in the world for me than travelling alone with my dog. ?You asked how would you feel romantic travelling alone? Yes it’s a good question. ?You know I love to share my life with my husband yet I need space of my own. ?I do not wish to travel alone so a dog will just make my traveling complete.

We can’t just work and no play. ?I’ve recently finished my contract with a local company. ?The owner let me go early as I guess day to day corporate lifestyle isn’t for me. ?I work best if you leave me alone to do my job. ?I know I can always get a job at any time I want it. ?I am very good at everything I do.

I feel sorry for people who are laboring over their desk every day for job security. ?But there is something awesome about having a regular pay check as well. But your life seems so predictable. ?Thanks God I am able to afford a lifestyle that work or no work I am just fine.

I will write more about what I read each day and you let me know what you think. ?Due to tons of spam comments I will have to selectively approve your comments. Unfortunately in this day and age we can’t just be free. Sorry about that.